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Mold Restoration

Any time water invades your property, mold can start to grow in the first 24-48 hours. If not removed and restored properly, the mold can spread throughout the house, leave a strong, musty odor, and could cause major health issues. It is best to trust a qualified restoration specialist for mold remediation.

At Florida Claims Network, our technicians address the source of the moisture and will work diligently to ensure complete removal while following all industry standards.

Flood & Water Damage

When it comes to storm damage control, then make sure to call the experts at Florida Claims Network. Our specialists are trained to closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is dried thoroughly and properly.

Water intrusion damage can be tedious to address, so let us limit any further damages and future costs.

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    "My house had a mold situation, which made me quite ill. I found Florida Claims Network and they remediated the moldy areas and my house became a better place to live!"

    Dario O.


    "No one wants to have water damage, but when it happens you want to deal with a company that can act quickly, are professional, courteous and know what they are doing. 24/7 are all those things, plus with great customer service (the first inquiry call through to completion) and people that you're happy are in your home."

    Nayeli B.


    "I really like this company the adjusters involved know what they are doing, and when I call for the status of my claim, and they give me very detailed information. And hope to provide service to them in the future."

    Felix B.

    What is Mold Remediation?

    Florida Claims Network specializes in finding the source of mold growth so that once remediation is performed the mold doesn't return since the source of damage has been addressed.

    In order to grow, a pesky mold situation requires humid areas with possible water damage and protein to flourish. To completely removed mold can be extremely difficult and costly, so Florida Claims Networks offer mold remediation to bring down the level of abnormal mold damage.
    Our certified technicians understand the nature of mold growth and the reversal process to ensure our Mold Remediation Service is 100% guaranteed.

    Let us find the source of the damage and the safest solution for you and your family today!

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    4. Has your home been affected by a Hurricane in the past?

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      Health Awareness

      Florida Claims Network educates and raises awareness about the adverse health effects due to exposure to indoor molds and mycotoxins. Some common symptoms of mold exposure can include skin irritation, respiratory issues, and more.

      Residential Cleaning & Restoration

      We manage over 2000 losses annually and are best prepared to advise and guide you in the right direction.

      Commercial Cleaning & Restoration

      Acting quickly to restore your property, getting your business back up and running as fast as possible.



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